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Find employees that fit your team's culture, not just the job description.

Get Started
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Step 1: Create an Account

for ministries

Once you create an account, complete your profile to help give candidates a complete picture of your organization (and not just a job description).

  • Give candidates a peek at key information about your church
  • Highlight your church's brightest moments
  • Write your Why to help candidates fall in love with your church.
  • And more!

for candidates

Completing a profile helps show churches your personality without having a boring, computer-friendly resume.

  • Add personal videos
  • Show off your personality traits (like Myers-Briggs or Enneagram traits)
  • Embed a welcome video for people viewing your profile
  • Share your faith story
  • And more!

Step 2: put yourself out there

for ministries

Grab a sparkler or a bonfire and post those jobs!
  • sparklers get you a single job post for 30 days.
  • bonfires reserve a job post for 1 year.
    • Swap out the posted job as many times as you'd like!
Learn More

for Candidates

Upload a resume (or three) and start applying for jobs!
  • Resume Dashboard helps you keep track of your resumes
  • Bookmarks help you keep track of which jobs you've applied to.

Step 3: Get matched

for ministries

As candidates begin applying, you'll get notified via email and be able to keep track with the job dashboard!

  • Simple-to-use Applicant Tracking System (ATS) helps you keep track of each candidate every step of the way
  • Private notes help you and others remember what makes a candidate stand out.
  • Quick links to communicate with candidates for an interview
  • And more!

for candidates

That's it! You've done all you need to do, so double check your information and start applying for jobs!

  • Cross your T's
  • Dot your i's
  • Fluff your pillows
  • Get ready for your interviews!


  • How is Spark Staffing different than other places I can post jobs?

    Spark Staffing was built with you as a ministry and candidate in mind. We designed it with relationship, culture and calling as the primary focus. We are less expensive for a 30-day posting than most other job sites.

  • What is a Sparkler?

    Sparklers are a great place to start for one-off hiring needs! Buy one to post 1 job for 30 days.

  • What is a Bonfire?

    Maximize your visibility with a bonfire. 1 bonfire lasts 365 days and you can post as many jobs as you'd like to it (one at a time).

  • How do I get a job featured?

    By purchasing a “Bright” product (e.g. a Bright Sparkler), your job post will be set to ”featured.” Featured Jobs are the first jobs people see in the search results. When someone searches for a job, Featured Jobs are highlighted in search results and receive greater visibility than free job listings.

  • How can I get a more robust profile as a ministry or candidate?

    You can upgrade your profile to a premium membership for the price of $100 each year as a subscription to have access to premium features like intro videos, telling your faith story, and personality identifications.