Pastor/Minister, English Ministry

The job responsibilities include but not limited to:
–       Teaching
o   Teach Saturday teens group weekly
o   Teach parents about discipling their teens
o   Teach Sunday School biweekly

–       Preaching
o   Preach 50%-75% of the English ministry/ year
o   Preach quarterly at Chinese-English joint Sunday services

–       Shepherding
o   Lead visitations and follow-up for EM families
o   Lead and plan annual retreats for parents and/or teens
o   Lead and plan annual, local events for parents and/or teens
o   Plan and lead outings for the teens and/or parents
o   Host weekday small group for teens
o   Visit teens and/or families at their extracurricular activities

–       Delegation
o   Plan, lead, and execute the EM Sunday Worship logistics
o   Lead a team of high schoolers to plan and facilitate TG
o   Lead a team of parents to plan and execute events for teens
o   Lead and partner with parents to disciple their teens

–       Outreach
o   Lead short-term missions overseas
o   Lead long-term missions in the local community including, but not limited to, community services

–       Expansion
o   Create and lead a team to expand the English ministry beyond teens and parents

–       Other ministry responsibilities as required
–       Collaborate with CCCG elders in any of the above responsibilities

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