Nursey & Child Care Director

About COV:

Vision – To see God use COV to restore people

Mission – To lead people into a flourishing relationship with Jesus.

Strategy – We concentrate our efforts on 3 different environments; Large, Medium, and Small.  Each environment has a “Goal for us” and a “Next Step” for those we serve in that environment.

  • Large Environment Goal: To inspire people to return the next week with a friend
  • Large Environment Next Step: To join a medium environment
  • Medium Environment Goal: To offer something so helpful that people commit to it for multiple weeks.
  • Medium Environment Next Step: To join a small environment
  • Small Environment Goal: For no one to suffer alone.
  • Small Environment Goal: To lead, To create a micro-expression of the church, or to plant a church

Main Tasks for this position:

1. Prepare age appropriate activities, curriculum, and program materials for infants through preschool. (approx 4-5 hrs per week)

2. Oversee childcare for children infant- 3rd grade during the first service. Hours: 7:30-10AM- 2.5 hrs

3.  Lead the teaching and direct other caregivers in the Nursery every Sunday morning during services. Hours: 10-12AM – 2hrs

4. Teach the infant-preschool Bible story and direct other caregivers at the Wednesday night study each week from.  Hours:  5:00-8PM  -3hrs

5. Greet and get to know parents, maintain children’s records, help with check in/check out etc.

6. Provide childcare for special events

7. Help plan special events such as VBS, outreaches, etc.


Direct Report: Director of Children’s Ministry

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